Thank you for facing Purse-ecution


The Catholic Inquisition, the Holocaust, The Trail of tears,The Roman Gladiator debacle, Stonewall , Birmingham, Apartheid, Armenia, Rwanda, Tibet…


And now…

Poverty in America.


If you don’t think the poor are being persecuted in our country, you probably work for a credit card company or your Dad goes by the name of “Mister” Rockefeller or “Mister” Gates and you don’t have to buy your own groceries, your own medications, or your own toy poodle.


Face it, Health care, Healthy food, Healthy environments, or anything that promotes healthy anything is reserved for the those who have so much money that they are insulated from the rest of us out here struggling for such things.


We keep them insulated by buying into the concept that they are superior and more worthy than our own children because they hold the purse strings to America.

And we continue to let them reign over us wielding those purse strings like they were attached to a wild horse trampling weeds beneath it’s hooves.

The rider of that horse is Corporatism.


Combining corporate interests with the interest of the state is pretty interesting, huh?

Look around, we are being charged a lot of interest for that!

Do we owe our souls to the Company Store?



~ by leakelley on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “Thank you for facing Purse-ecution”

  1. We’ve talked about this for years, and the question is still out there…how do we change this? How do we make health itself affordable for everyone? Why are prescription medications, the kinds that can save people’s lives and/or improve the quality of their lives – so costly for those without insurance, and why is insurance so costly that many of us keep jobs we hate just for the group benefits? How do we change this? This makes me nuts.

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