Thank You for Multiple Choices

Three Multiple Choice Questions:

1.  What is the best reason to go to someone’s home and take their resources by force?

A. To sell it back to them at a huge profit.

B. Because you can, and “God” said so.

C. Because you’re a greedy power monger and your sense of humanity has been distorted by a system without a conscience.

2. What  is the best method of survival on a planet of diverse human beings?

A. Colonization: Go to and live permanently as part of a settlement in a foreign land and perpetuate values which you acquired from home.

B. Conquering: converting original inhabitants of a land by renaming them, their land, their laws, their spirituality.

Oh yeah… and taking their stuff.

C. Cooperating: an orderly sharing of space, resources, and ideals, mutually beneficial among organisms living in a limited area (you know, like Planet Earth, for instance)

3. What happens when you make the wrong choice?

A. You go back and start over

B. A whole lot of people suffer and die

C. You lie to everybody else and tell them they should make the wrong choice too. (while systematically eliminating those who argue with you)

Do we really have a choice?


~ by leakelley on June 2, 2010.

One Response to “Thank You for Multiple Choices”

  1. You really do put the dark side of human nature in a nutshell very well


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