Thank You for the Missing Middlocracy

The middle is always the most difficult place to be; the middle of the road, the middle child, in the middle of an argument, middle management, or part of the middle class—which is becoming more diluted and deluded as I write this.

In some cases, there is no middle ground—only there or not there. Only Do it or Don’t.

In some cases, we don’t have the option of being ambivalent, or the luxury of noncommittal equivocating about whether we are there or not.

Sometimes, things just are what they are without the middlocracy part.

This can make things much easier, once we accept these situations—but, I frequently resist because…

Somehow, the middle seems safer.

One can’t run into the ditch, standing in the middle of the road.

The middle child goes unnoticed if a knick knack gets broken.

Middle management gets to pass the buck.

The Middle Class gets to believe they have the ability to become the Upper Class—it keeps the social machine running.

But, I’m thinking it’s time to cut out the middle man in some of my life decisions and circumstances, because…

Standing in the middle of the road, can get you run over by a truck.

The middle child can go unnoticed when something very important gets broken—like the middle child.

Middle management always wears ugly shoes.

And the middle class has become the new corporate slave.

So, yeah, I’m thinking it’s time to lose some weight around my middle.


~ by leakelley on May 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for the Missing Middlocracy”

  1. … and lose those ugly shoes, while you are at it…

  2. As I am also a middle child, I get this. Living with the anointed one, being the older sibling, my whole childhood and watching out for the health and wellness of the third, gives one a more rounded perspective of life. I have found a peace in knowing that I am the most centered of the three. I don’t take the middle road any more, I’ve learned there are no challenges there. I relish the opportunities to say, been there/done that. Middleroaders never get that chance. Continue to live your life on the edge of the road and take the next fork in your perfect walking shoes. Love ya….

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