Thank You for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

Las Vegas, The Smithsonian, and an adult playground without social fences.

Combine the attributes of those three places, and you have a perfect sojourn to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

The entire festival is run by tireless volunteers with enthusiasm for the cause of sex positive culture.

These volunteers are masters at making all who attend feel welcome and at ease, no matter the proclivity or orientation.

There is something for everyone at SEAF.

You can wander through the gallery and experience fine and interactive art, purchase special curios or prints from the museum quality store, relax on the unique furniture, and play until you just can’t smile anymore.

The environment is as conducive to the curious neophyte as it is to those with a masterful sense of expression.

One can watch the amazing drama on stage—or be part of it off stage if preferred. The only rules, it seems, is be considerate and respectful of other human beings and bring your I.D.

You now have 360 days to plan for next year’s festival.

Start getting your moxy on for a little bit of naughty and a whole lot of nice.

But keep in mind, the best reason to attend the festival is to support healthy, joyous people in a righteous endeavor to educate the masses.

The only closet, you will find at SEAF, is the coat check room. And I, for one, am pleased to support that concept.

—Miss Lea


~ by leakelley on May 2, 2010.

One Response to “Thank You for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival”

  1. Sexy is good 🙂

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