Thank You for Fire, Inside and Out

That lightning bolt that hit the primitive tree of our ancestors, leading to the discovery of Bic lighters, was really a stroke of luck, eh?

Imagine if that lightning bolt would have missed.

We would all be eating cold cuts, and our homes would have water features instead of fire places.

Life would be cold and soggy if primitive man didn’t get his fingers burned once or twice.

Without fire, we would  freeze to death in the winter after suffering all summer without a BBQ at family reunions and office picnics.

Everyone would have to be a member of the Neptune Society because we wouldn’t have discovered cremation and there would be no fire to forge a shovel to dig graves. We’d all have to be buried at sea.

The ocean would be a mess without fire.

Another important discovery is the fire within us—passion.

I don’t think it came from a lightning bolt, but sometimes it hits us like a bolt of lightning.

Without passion, our spirit is doomed to freeze to death in the winter of discontent— and there would be no family reunions or office parties on account of nobody would be inspired to make families, let alone, get an exciting job in an office.

We would probably just walk into the ocean, led by apathy and filled with ennui.

The ocean would be a mess without Passion.

People who are ablaze with passion seem to accomplish more than those who don’t generate enough heat to ward off mold and peat moss from their hearts.

I am not always on fire with an idea, a cause, or an emotional reaction.

So, once in a while I need to get hit with a lightning bolt to remind me that fire is good.

It keeps the ennui at bay and prevents me from walking into the ocean and contributing to the mess.

Come on Lightning! I hear peat moss and I got an ocean view…

Maybe I should rub these two wooden paint brushes together until I get a spark.

Yeah, maybe I need to start a brush fire.

~ by leakelley on May 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Fire, Inside and Out”

  1. as always the ways and whys of balence aring from you. thank you Ms. Lea. sparking the sparks that haunt the lark left quiet the may day song.
    or some such thing. “Fire , fire heheheheh” Bevis and butthead.
    we start a fire to put out a fire. in the fire of our discontent.

  2. Everyone has a little strenght inside, and that’s enough to grasp for more when need it. Everyday is a choice to make, a fire to burn, a glimpse to pick. Passion is Alive forever. Great Note!!!
    ~Great Love to you!
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

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