Thank you for The Mighty Maypole

Christmas trees got nothing on Maypoles.

A Maypole can conquer a Christmas tree faster than a whirling virgin with ribbon in her hands.

The mighty Maypole stands erect, in broad daylight.

A Christmas tree hides under dark winter skies, shivering to be lit up.

A Christmas tree is cool but a Maypole is hot!

The energy created by people dancing around the Maypole penetrates Earth and wakes up all her senses.

Putting a Christmas tree in the town square is lovely but standing the mighty Maypole in the center of a village will make every living thing fertile and filled with life.

Happy May Day.

Happy Beltane.

Happy Mary’s Month.

The Sun has been freed from the bondage of Winter.

So…as that crazy disco song (by Bob Sinclair) says…

Everybody dance now…



~ by leakelley on May 1, 2010.

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