Thank you for The Author of My Own Authority

I have it on good authority that I have authority to be the authority in regard to my own life.

By the power invested in me, I pronounce me the authority on all matters regarding my own authority.

Henceforth I shall make all decisions regarding my life, about what I wish to do, practice, or enforce, within the realm of my own moral, ethical, and mostly honorable jurisdiction— which is my own integrity, principled by my own experience of doing the right thing.

I hereby offer to myself, and claim, sanction to decide who I am, what I am, what I need, and what I will put up with.

I refute all claims which would be imposed by any other authority considering [itself] to be the authority on that which is best for me.

Hitherto, there have been claims by other authorities to know more about me, than I do.

Such claims, made by marketing companies, government representatives, pharmaceutical profiteers, religious extremists, the kid who made fun of me in the fifth grade, the cosmetic industry, the medical industry (except for radiologists who can see things I may not) and four out of five dentists, shall be null and void.

Henceforth, I shall invalidate all such claims other than those exerted and agreed upon by my own authority.

From this point forward, I shall decide for myself if this dress makes my butt look fat, if a particular food is beneficial to my well being, if and when I need to adjust my attitude, what kind of car I need to drive in order to remain well within the social curve of my peers, and any definitions ascribed to my personal functionality to keep me in line.

Henceforth, there shall be no rigid adherence on my part to the previously established codes, definitions of normal, or social labels inducing personal feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness in the face of a society gone nuts with insidious double standards, mixed messages, and agendas conducive to profiting from those who give up authority to such entities who promulgate such nonsense.

Yeah, Henceforth, I’m the boss of me.

signed as the representative of my own authority,


~ by leakelley on April 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Thank you for The Author of My Own Authority”

  1. Go, Lea! 🙂

  2. Facebook status of the day…”I am the boss of me.” ❤ you!!

  3. Didn’t you decide this several decades ago? I have never known any other Lea!

  4. Bless you!

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