Thank you for Word Eaters and Second Chances

Okay, sometimes I can be a fluff mouthed, opinionated gal—even when I don’t fully know what I’m talkin’ about.

Sometimes I formulate thoughts about concepts that are founded on limited experience, and I write them with my out loud voice.

The other day I wrote a blog about virtual realities which may have seemed a bit judgmental.

This is me, eating a few words on toast.

Encouraged by a friend to actually try one of these virtual venues, and meet some of the other folks that participate in them, I see things differently now.

I previously correlated virtual to escapist or not quite honest.

And it may be escapist for some folks, but I now see a whole new side of opportunities in virtual reality— and they are not lacking in virtue in any way.

I actually built a character, based on the real me, in Second Life, a virtual world where I saw amazing talent, creativity, human interaction, and a whole lot of good reasons to visit the other side of The Matrix.

I was very impressed with the kindness and generosity of the people I met there.

I am thankful for a second chance to learn, and formulate new opinions about Second Life and other virtual venues.

This is me, experiencing a moment of “virtuous” reflection during a second chance in a Second Life.

The location I visited facilitates meditation while listening to words of wisdom on audio streaming.

Too bad I didn’t hear those wise words before I had to eat my own, huh?

~ by leakelley on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank you for Word Eaters and Second Chances”

  1. That Second-Life website DOES look pretty kewl, actually 🙂

    When you say “This is me, eating a few words on toast.” and “Too bad I didn’t hear those wise words before I had to eat my own, huh?” Uh, don’t you think you’re being a LITTLE hard on yourself? Each of us is needlessly apprehensive about SOMETHING at SOMETIME, aren’t we? #smilesandhugs

  2. Oh, and I was hoping you were going to compliment the SIMS game! I should have figured it would be something spiritual. Ha. Oh well, I still like designing and building houses on SIMS, oh, and by the way, “you” married and had several kids in one of my neighborhoods, are a best selling author and dating seriously handsome guys in another, and are hanging at the beach, with an amazing house in a 3rd.

    Yes, you are too hard on yourself! Low brow virtual can be fun too…

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