Thank you for Coffices

For those of us who work from home, many business meetings take place at our favorite coffee house.

The coffee house has rivaled the golf course in regard to important networking and casual conferences.

It is the perfect place to look at comps, discuss details, conduct interviews, and pull out a laptop for visual reinforcement.

Coffee houses are the new adjunct to the office.

We are evolving into a culture of Coffices.

The benefits are low overhead, a secretary that you only have to tip a buck to bring coffee and clean up after you, a well lit environment with internet service that costs you nothing, and a venue that is always open during office hours.

The whole business meeting can cost as little as five bucks at your favorite coffice.

Compared to a conference room at the Hyatt, catering costs, or golf course member fees, as well as the logistics of reservations and availability, the coffice is a superior concept.

My favorite coffice is located within walking distance, serves exceptional coffee, and has a staff that is far beyond efficient and friendly.

And someone else pays them.

So if you want to schedule a meeting with me, just pop in and ask the barista if I’m available.

~ by leakelley on April 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Coffices”

  1. Well, turnaround is fair play, now isn’t it??? My Waterfront office is at Boulevard…

  2. I’m a caffeine kinda guy #smilesandhugs

  3. Coffice. God I love that.

    So true. I work at home and do most of my meetings at a coffee shop. Which is wonderful because I can’t play golf, not even Putt Putt.

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