Thank You for Things that “May Come in Handy”

We are garbage makers and trash savers.

Some of us save things that we will never use, though we believe they might come in handy later.

Things like;

tiny bottles of hygiene products from hotels

bread bag ties

matches from restaurants


used gift wrap and ribbon

extra screws from a self-assembled book case

party and wedding favors

rubber bands

grocery and produce bags

small appliance boxes

empty jars and food containers

worn out tee shirts

extra pens that don’t work

magazines and paperbacks we’ve already read

extra hangers

old bills and paperwork

clothes that don’t fit anymore

chipped vases and dishes

expired advertisements


previous calendars

Christmas and birthday cards

mismatched sheets and pillow cases

empty wine bottles and corks

used candles

bar coasters

old address books

college text books

scratched sunglasses

expired prescriptions

keys that go to a place we’ve forgotten

broken things we’ll “fix some day”

condiments we never liked

used guitar strings

beads and buttons that go to things we don’t own any more

receipts from things we can’t take back or write off on our taxes

extra paint from when we redid our house seven years ago

parts to things that now belong to the Salvation Army

half of a pair of socks or gloves

old cell phones

Now, we can put all that stuff in some of the grocery bags, wrap it in the gift wrap, and mail it to one of the expired addresses in the old address book…

Or we can call HA Schult and donate to our evolution….


~ by leakelley on April 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Things that “May Come in Handy””

  1. these sculptures are amazing, the one at the great wall is particularly impressive!

  2. cool..

  3. Well done! You really captured a comprehensive list of useless junk we can’t seem to let go of.

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