Thank you for Elevator Escalation

7:30 am:  Lea Kelley is trapped in the elevator, on cell phone with apartment management, remaining calm.

7:31 am: Lea Kelley feels silly. She is chuckling to herself, alone in the stuck elevator while manager hangs up to call elevator repair person.

7:32 am: Lea Kelley is just a little bit irritated that she got into the elevator to see if it was working after resetting the switch.

She wonders how long it takes for an elevator repair man to drive from 85 miles away.

7:32.15 sec: Lea Kelley gradually realizes she is actually a claustrophobic sort of person.

She wishes she would have taken at least one sip of her freshly brewed coffee before running out to help the guy in the wheelchair because the elevator was broken.

7:32.30 sec: Lea Kelley wonders why this sort of thing happens when one is dressed in old sweat pants and didn’t even brush her teeth yet.

She wonders if the elevator repair man is handsome, then decides she doesn’t give a damn.

She just wants OUT of the stuck elevator.

7:33 am: Lea Kelley suddenly understands why people panic in the movies about being trapped.

She taps on the elevator door just to be sure it’s really not going to open, is thankful for her cell phone, wonders how many germs are on the floor of an elevator in case she has to sit down, is glad she didn’t take a sip of her freshly brewed coffee because she may not get an opportunity to pee for a while, and thinks elevators should be designed with furniture inside.

She redecorates the elevator in her head.

7:33.45 sec: The doors open like magic.

Nobody there.

Lea Kelley runs from the elevator like it is a shark that will grab her, calls management to say she has escaped and the elevator has reset itself to basement floor.

Forever after: Lea Kelley will respond to an emergency call with verbal intervention until she goes to elevator repair school.


~ by leakelley on April 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Thank you for Elevator Escalation”

  1. hahahahahahahahaha….glad you made it out alive…<3

  2. OMG 😮 Thank goodness you’re okay (((((HUGS)))))

  3. I can only imagine the DRAMA inside that small room, and your head, for that 3.45 minutes. Glad you OK!

  4. Love this! I am glad you got out so fast, but part of me would have liked to keep reading to at least 745 and 30 seconds!

    (Would have hated being in that elevator though, absolutely no question about my claustrophobia!)

  5. ooopsie, I meant 735 and 30 seconds. I wouldn’t have wished 10 more minutes of that on you!

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