Thank you for an Unlikely Evening with Naked Men

Tomorrow night I will be doing something many of my friends would consider unlikely.

My pal, Robin is taking me out to see The Chippendales—you know those young gentlemen who gyrate, genuflect, and generate fainting spells from middle aged women who are otherwise unlikely to see naked, dancing men in better lighting.

It is unlikely that I will faint.

It is unlikely that I will be overwhelmed by testosterone, unless I end up in the men’s restroom because the line outside the women’s restroom is too long.

It is unlikely that I will come home, married to one of the Chippendale boys. (Although, if you know my marriage track record, it is, evidently, possible.)

It is very likely that I will giggle a lot, get ridiculously silly, and blog the next day about how Chippendales should have the right to marry each other.

It is most likely that I will have a memorable evening with my pal Robin, which will give us something to laugh about for a long time.

Thanks Robin!

I’m gonna wear my dollar bill dress.


~ by leakelley on April 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “Thank you for an Unlikely Evening with Naked Men”

  1. Tuck a dollar or two in the proper place for all your blogging buddies. 🙂

  2. Speaking as a gay man myself, I think the guy on the far left in the picture is the hottest and sexiest, don’t you? #smilesandhugs

  3. Speaking as a gay man myself also, I think the guy 2nd from the right in the picture is the hottie.

    But I am offended that you cannot bring me along, Robin and Lea.


  4. as a straight woman, the guy 3rd from the left in back is the hottest, but only because he looks like he is a computer nerd by day. also, i think they all look super gay. this should be a fun silly night!!

  5. As a straight woman, I’ll cast my vote with neuroaster. The guy on the far left is not only the sexiest, but is the only one who doesn’t seem to be thinking only of himself.

  6. John,
    You can go too!
    That would be so great!
    But then, how would Robin and I get any attention at all?
    Actually, You might get mistaken for one of them, and we would have to bring you home to Bob, all disheveled and pawed, with dollar bills flying outta your perfect attire. LOL

  7. Dollar bill dress? LOL! Seems perfect. 🙂

  8. Okay, it was a good show.
    Things to know about the Chippendales…
    1. They wear gold socks under their costumes (and not on their feet).
    2. They’re very clean cut—everywhere.
    3. The one who kissed me, smelled like strawberries.
    4. You are NOT allowed to take pictures until after the show, for a fee of 15.00, or else I’d be posting a picture of me, surrounded by flesh and cufflinks.

  9. RE: #1 – Is that why visions of bouncing “golden eggs” were dancing in your head when you wrote your egg post?

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