Thank You for Virtually Virtuous or “Almost Honest”

As we delve deeper into virtual realities, we may step further from virtuous reality.

We can take virtual tours of real estate, other countries, museums, or galleries without ever leaving home to get the honest details.

There is a “Virtual World” called Second Life,

where  a person can virtually create their own world, design a brand new body, buy property, and have, be, or do all the things they wish they could in real life—without the messy facts of a virtuous first life getting in the way.

There are virtual communities, virtual universities, virtual workplaces, virtual dating sites, and virtually anything you can imagine, laying in wait on our computers, to potentially keep one distracted from taking a walk on the real side.

Some of these sites and games are great.

They help people to experience things that might seem impossible for them, otherwise.

Sometimes these games even inspire people to apply skills in real life after a virtual test experience.

But sometimes they become a tool to escape virtuous or honest life.

And though statistics say these virtual experiences create similar emotional responses to real experiences, I am left to wonder…

If Virtual actually means Almost, how does one almost aspire to live a virtuous life with such distractions?

It’s so easy to appear to be something in virtual communities.

Even to one’s self.

You can almost taste it, almost smell it, almost feel it.

It’s almost like living.


~ by leakelley on March 30, 2010.

One Response to “Thank You for Virtually Virtuous or “Almost Honest””

  1. I like this more the second time through.
    Makes me want to think…

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