Thank You For A Coordinated Effort

My coordination is a little off this morning. I need more sleep.

I am feeling a bit clumsy and a titch trepidatious about standing on one foot while I change out of my pajamas.

It’s one of those days when I should probably avoid sharp objects and flammables.

It’s definitely not a day for juggling chain saws or any of those other activities that I usually do with finesse and agility—you know, like pet the cat without bonkin’ her on the head, or pour a cup of coffee without dropping it into the cat’s water bowl.

Yep, I did not get enough sleep.

My hand-eye coordination is still surrounded by fluff and tangled up in the sheets.

My body is extracting extra effort to do the simplest task without tripping over invisible obstacles or spastically colliding with an open cupboard door.

The aftermath of a bad night’s sleep is like a twilight zone episode with scary challenges…

The wheels on my desk chair, a potential calamitous toe injury.

The corner of the cedar chest, expanding into the room to find my shin and make me cuss.

The refrigerator door, the bathroom rug, the laundry hamper, the paper towel roller, the bedside table…they are all conspiring to clumsify my every awkward movement.

Aw jeez, I think I better go back to bed until my body is ready to wake up and put a coordinated effort into this day.

Yeah, that’s right, I am thankfully putting a coordinated effort into going back to bed for another hour until I can safely move through my innocuous environment.

~ by leakelley on March 12, 2010.

One Response to “Thank You For A Coordinated Effort”

  1. Seems like very familiar territory to me.
    The best cure?
    Sweet dreams!

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