Thank You for the Mystery where Wisdom Loves Company

While funneling our existence into an expression of our selves, we complete transformation after transformation.

When we finish the transformations into the entity we aspire to be, we transform, once again, into another thing —a thing we cannot name or know from this location.

[It] is a mystery.

Perhaps that is where wisdom lives.

Perhaps that is all we leave behind after the final transformation— wisdom.

We seek wisdom, we aspire to wisdom, we wish for wisdom.

Perhaps wisdom lives in the transformation, not the being, not the final product of our lives.

Wisdom is hidden in the crevices, drifting around the edges, misting into the pores, exuded from the reflective lake under the fog.

Wisdom is the mystery behind the curtain while the actor does his monologue on the stage.

Wisdom is in the silent nodding of experience to the exuberant passions of the neophyte.

Wisdom is loving another beyond the presentation of behavior, circumstance, or personae.

Wisdom is in the unspoken, the undemonstrated, the un-requested, the absence of need to be heard.

Wisdom is the golden thread that runs between the heart and the mind.

If one were to pluck this thread like the string of an ancient lute, the sound would reverberate into the mystery, seeking harmonics from the golden thread of others.

And though wisdom needs no agreement, a harmonic sound does enhance one’s recognition of it’s beautiful mystery.


~ by leakelley on March 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Thank You for the Mystery where Wisdom Loves Company”

  1. Very poetic. I went to a Unitarian Universalist service yesterday for the first time. At first I wasn’t all that inspired by the message, but the more I think about it the more it means. The speaker was talking about the search for self, and how identity is ever-flowing, ever-changing. It’s kinda like, “Yeah.. and?” But then when you really think about it it actually means a lot.

  2. This is beautiful. 🙂

  3. Yes, beauty.

  4. wisdom is the act of changing. and knowing perception.. a difference is it is non action a lot. I feel. Thank you for telling a tale, most are still caught up on. it is wise to know.

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