Thank You for Going Fishing

A couple of my pals went fishing yesterday.

As much as I enjoy walking along a river, I cannot consume fish due to allergies —so I do not kill them.

Since I can’t consume these creatures as food, I went fishing in a different way.

I went fishing for beauty.

And I caught it with my camera instead of a fishing pole.

I went to a local pet store and consumed the colors and the personalities of these fascinating little swimmers…

~ by leakelley on March 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Going Fishing”

  1. Beautiful! I much prefer your version of fishing 🙂

  2. That seahorse is so amazing!
    I copied the photo and made it my desktop.

  3. Arguably the best #way2fish #smilesandhugs

  4. #beautiful fish! awesome

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