Thank You for That Which Remains Unspoken

Some of us have a narration, a dialogue that runs through our head, silent to those around us.

In our mind, this narration runs through an amplifier in an echo chamber of random thoughts pinging from wall to wall, trying to sneak into our vocal chords to be heard by those in the world outside our head.

Most of us have a big danger sign posted on the door to our vocal chords to prohibit this narration from getting out into the general public.

The sign says:


My own internal dialogue can’t read.

So, on the door to my vocal chords is a big picture, drawn with a crayon.

It is an image of this… 

inside one of these…   

It reminds me to refrain from becoming a verbal wind bag.

Some things are better left unspoken.


“Get down from there, you’re gonna break your neck!”


“Your gonna poke someone’s eye out with that thing!”

These things are just bad suggestions to the subconscious mind of others.

On the other hand, there are things that should be spoken out loud and for some reason, we never say them.

Some things we just don’t say often enough or only after it is too late or we simply never say them at all.

Some thoughts should circumvent the sign on our vocal chords and pass right through our lips to be heard by others…


“I love you.”


~ by leakelley on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for That Which Remains Unspoken”

  1. It’s so easy to say things that shouldn’t be said yet so often we keep hidden those things that really need to be said. “I love you” or even “Thanks.” It’s like it’s not cool in our society to say things outloud that might make us vulnerable or inferior… or we just assume the other person knows it. I think for me a lot of times it’s a pride thing. Good post!

  2. Great post. 🙂

    I’ve been trying to stem the tide of those thoughts that shouldn’t be spoken out loud and release the tide of those that should. Life is much better that way.

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