Thank You For the Door Knob Mystery

Last night somebody knocked on my door.

I looked through the peep hole…nobody.

I opened the door, looking for a flaming paper sack on the threshold, but instead I found…

A pint of dark chocolate raspberry ice cream!

I giggled like a baby hyena.

I called most of my neighbors, figuring it had to be one of them because my apartment building requires a person to be buzzed in from the intercom without a tenant’s key.

I inquired of each neighbor whether they left the decadent surprise, so I could express my delight and appreciation…


Nobody took the credit.

A couple neighbors offered to come over and have some with me.

One person asked with trepidation “You didn’t eat it, right?”

Look, if someone was going to poison me, they would not be so inclined to place a delicious, factory sealed, frozen dessert loaded with warm finger prints on the door knob with such care and sneak away like an insidious tooth fairy.

They would probably just shoot one of those little darts into my neck while I was getting into the elevator, right?

The lovely, enticing mystery is still sitting in my freezer at this very moment, calling my name like a seductive siren on the cliffs of my chocolate raspberry lack of resistance.

Guess who’s having ice cream for breakfast?

Woo Hoo!

Happy Birthday to me!

And Thank You to the mysterious ice cream vender who got into my building without buzzing the intercom or turning on that annoying ice cream truck music!


~ by leakelley on February 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Thank You For the Door Knob Mystery”

  1. Happy birthday, and what a fun surprise! I would love a mysterious carton of ice cream to land on my door step. Oh and you’re probably right about the poison. A dart is much more practical when trying to off someone.

    Enjoy the ice cream.

  2. Happy Birthday Ms. Kelley. hope the day starts the next year of adventures and success.. and all someone would have to do is follow someone else in. Or been Buzzed in by one of the neighbors.. it isn’t fort knox..
    and a dart would create possibilities as far as , where did they hid to shoot it. and even the dart itself would take skill to shoot which would leave evidence in its self. lol.
    I don’t know.. hope they leave something for me.. lol..

  3. Happy Birthday Lea!

  4. Oh what a nice surprise. Happy birthday Lea and enjoy that ice cream. It’s so nice to have such thoughtful friends.

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