Thank you for Things We Name and Personification

I like the way, as humans, we name inanimate objects in our environment to relate to them in a more personal way.

We name our toys as children, our cars, our pets, a guitar, the hard drive on our computer, our artistic creations, our farm animals, and even some of our own body parts.

Naming something demonstrates an acknowledgment of it’s importance in our lives.

Naming also gives us a sense of territory—starting at age two with “Mine”.

My dolly, My teddy, My kitty…

Then we move on to My classic car named Scarlet the road waster, or My spouse, the punkin’ head, or My tool box Earl, or My crystal ball, Madam know-it-all, or My Sherona….

Sometime we don’t actually name an object, we just treat it like it has a human heart or feelings or thoughts of it’s own.

Have you ever dropped something important to you and yelled Ouch! when it hit the floor?

Yes, naming and personifying is the way we relate to our environment.

We look at clouds and form them in our minds into faces, people, or mythological characters we can name and understand.

When I look at anything that has a random pattern, in my mind I create faces out of the patterns.

Trees, curtains, wall paper, peeling paint, wood grains—all have people living in them. I only need to discover them.

I do this unconsciously but I don’t give names to the faces. That would be as scary as hearing voices from the faces.

It’s probably best that none of these objects or patterns talk back to us.

They might name us something ridiculous like She-who-spends-too-much-time-alone!


~ by leakelley on February 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Things We Name and Personification”

  1. I name my patients, if they return.

  2. i name inanimate objects, a lot.. mostly because i believe the energy that is runs through all things. and it has keep Tara, my car , on the road,, i have bad luck with cars.. naming my bass help id her when she was stolen.. I carved it into her, it help and she is still with me.. lol. nice. I really do think you remind me of Thurber..

  3. My kids always name their cars. I used to but I stopped several cars ago. I think it happened right about the time I gave up trusting people and investing in one on one relationships. Now they are all just cars to me. No more attachments.

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