Thank You for The Precipice

There are various, potentially perilous circumstances which we face as individuals throughout our lives.

Sometimes we are granted a moment to stand on the edge of these situations and reflect on our options.

At other times, we must simply wait, on the edge, until we fall, get pushed, or get called back into safer territory by fate.

Standing at these precipices, I believe is where we are able to experience that larger part of ourselves which is able to see the smaller part of ourselves looking for the next step on our journey.

The larger part patiently observes, oversees our choices without judgment, and tries to give us as much information as it can about what is beyond the precipice.

The collective of Humanity is presently standing on the precipice of change.

We have the option to look out from this precipice and contemplate our next step in the evolution of our consciousness and our place on this beautiful planet.

We can not know everything that lies beyond this precarious edge where we have come to stand.

But the larger part of us, the part that sees the bigger picture, is watching as we decide where we will go from here.

The moment that we are granted to reflect upon this precipice gradually passes until we will have fewer options about our next step.

Painting:  The Precipice  by Lea kelley


~ by leakelley on January 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for The Precipice”

  1. One…two…three…JUMP!

  2. I really love this one Lea. It’s just breathtaking.

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