Thank You for The Wind, Breath of the Gods

The Anemoi were the gods of the four winds; Boreas the North-Wind, Zephryos the West-Wind, Notos the South-Wind, and Euros the East-Wind.

These guys can really affect my day.

In some cultures it is believed the wind steals a person’s soul.

This may be a Mayan thing where the human soul inhabits the corn and the wind flattens the corn and steals the soul?

If you have to walk very far in a wind storm you can understand how it feels like your soul might be stolen—right out of your lungs and nostrils into the ethers.

I like windy days when I can stay all cozy inside.

But if I have to go out into it, I get a little  irritated—mostly because I have waist length hair that dances around my head and covers my eyes so I bump into people and moving trucks.

But as much as I may complain about the wind, as if anyone could hear the muffles through the maniacal hair snapping over my face, I have immense awe and respect for this amazing aspect of nature.

From dust devils to jet streams, typhoons to sea breezes, from wind powered energy to the winds of fate, I am humbled by the power.

I think the wind is a good metaphor for love.

Such mysterious power, such unpredictability, such great capacity to blow things away and change an entire atmosphere.

The howling part is probably the breath of the Gods when they are trying to whistle.


~ by leakelley on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “Thank You for The Wind, Breath of the Gods”

  1. I’ve always loved the wind–from the late summer zephyrs cooling my
    childhood days in San Diego, to full-blown storms pushing 40 foot waves, to our sometimes agonizing Northeasters. From subtle joy to
    outright fear, the wind carries us back to our most basic being-ness.

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