Thank you for Rust and Wabi Sabi Art

Neil Young sang Rust never sleeps.

Rust has a solemn beauty that reminds us of the cycles of life, of the temporary nature of all things, of our own mortality.

It erases history and forgives living.

Rust is the inevitable outcome of steel, exposed.

Sabi 錆 means Rust.

Wabi Sabi Art represents transience. It is beautiful.

No matter how strong we think we are, we can be broken down and deteriorated by emotional waters and the oxidization of living our lives exposed.

We are vulnerable humans.

We are perfect Wabi Sabi Art.

Rust is like the knots in the knuckles of an old woman, knitting.

Rust is like Autumn, constantly transforming color into consumption of living things to make room for other living things.

Rust is a living thing in itself, evolving slowly, quietly assimilating.

Rust brings the gift of breath and motion of life to even the most sterile objects.

It is the thing we try to avoid by polishing and re-polishing.

Rust can gradually soften a point or erode the sharpness from a bad memory.

There will always be rust.

We cannot fence rust out of our lives.


~ by leakelley on January 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Thank you for Rust and Wabi Sabi Art”

  1. Rust ruined my bicycle. I’d rather ride it than look at it as art. Love the metaphor, but I am not a fan of rust. Speaking of that, time to re-season my favorite cast iron cauldron. xoxo

  2. Every time I read this title I am hungry for VEGAN sushi!

  3. … no “secret special sauce” for me, right LK???

  4. nnnnoooooooo! never get the secret special sauce….

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