Thank You for Forgiveness and Memory Foam

Memory Foam is a great invention.

If you press on it, it retains your imprint for a while and then it springs right back to it’s original form—smooth and unaffected.

Some folks have a heart that seems to be made of memory foam.

No matter how many times they are impacted by others, they seem to spring back from it, and return to a smooth outlook on life.

Memory foam has Give.

The density of a memory foam mattress will determine the length of time it takes to return to it’s original position.

A memory foam Heart has Forgiveness.

The density of a person’s ability to forgive will determine how long it takes to get over an impact on their life.

This includes the ability to forgive oneself, by the way.


~ by leakelley on January 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Forgiveness and Memory Foam”

  1. Forgiveness and Giving help a broken heart mend,
    and sets off a chain of more forgiveness and giving.

    I like what you say here.

  2. My memory foam is weighted at the moment. Jordan is staying with Michael for a few days, and he reminds me so much of Owen, my memory foam is wet with tears. I don’t actually want to wring it out just now. I want my memory foam to soak it all up, to watch him twist his hair the way Owen used to. I want to listen to him talk, with many of the same affects as Owen. And…he’s not Owen. He’s Jordan, his own unique person. I love him, too. I can only hope he makes it out of this place in good form. I love your post. I love you, LJK.

  3. You have an amazing ability to write just what I need to contemplate, you amazing gal, you!

  4. I like this. It’s a good message. And that thing at the end? An excellent reminder.

  5. Oooo…. you so had me! And then you double-whammy had me with that last line… yes… even to forgive myself.
    Thank you Leigh!

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