Thank You for Letting go of the Numb Chucks

There are a lot of true things in the Universe.

Some of them are ugly, some beautiful.

I don’t have time to stare down every single truth, so I try to prioritize the most significant ones and turn a blind eye to some of the ugly ones, while still recognizing they exist.

While I am not generally a person that slips easily into denial, I do have the capacity to redirect my focal point into a perspective that contributes to my happiness, rather than hold onto ugly truths or dwell on things that I cannot change for the better.

Once in a while, an ugly truth will sneak up on me and step into my field of vision.

This usually happens with the encouragement of someone who seeks out more of the ugly truths than I do.

Often, I will try to balance an ugly truth with “Yeah, but if you look at …” or “Well, that’s just one aspect…” or “But  if you understand why…”

Some folks like to grasp hold of ugly truths and wield them like ninja nun chucks or cynical numb- chucks.

Cynicism makes us numb.

And though we cannot help but learn a little healthy skepticism along our path of experiences, cynicism can hold our eyes hostage to ugly truths—self generated or otherwise.

There is no such thing as Comfortably Numb.

That kind of comfort does not come without sacrificing some of the innocence that gives us a good view of the beautiful truths.


~ by leakelley on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Letting go of the Numb Chucks”

  1. Would that we were…truly, comfortably numb. If we are awake, we cannot be numb, comfortably or not. I do, however, love this song. I imagine the place Owen eventually visited, and I can imagine his intimacy with this ideology…comfortably numb. Damn. How do we wake up our young people to recognize that being comfortably numb is tantamount to being complacent, accepting of an inevitably-sleeping-existence? Sleep is precious, and dreams are real. How do we teach the coexistence of the two??? Especially, in a productive, contributory manner? Would that it were…eh?

  2. Well said, Miz Linda!

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