Thank You for Battles Where Nobody Dies

Some Native American tribes participated in a battle strategy called counting coup.

Counting coup is a way to interact with an opposing tribe, in which a warrior takes a risk in touching the enemy with his coup stick or hand, or absconds with enemy property without being caught or captured.

One had to be very brave and very clever to have many notches recorded on his coup stick.

Counting coup is a battle strategy in which there is no glory in being killed or in killing another.

It’s more about being smart and brave by entering unknown territory, facing fear, and coming away with evidence that one has confronted that fear.

We all have battles to fight in our lives.

We all have a few notches on our coup sticks.

Sometimes these notches are actually recorded on our hearts.

Any time we take a risk, enter unknown territory, and come away with the evidence of the experience, we are counting coup.

Life is not necessarily a battle ground, but it is a wonderful array of opportunities to touch upon unfamiliar territory and risk facing those things which we fear.

I am thankful for the notches on my coup stick, the notches on my heart, and the notches carved into my memories.


~ by leakelley on January 2, 2010.

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