Thank You for Human Reflectors and Deflectors

We are social beings who learn about our place in the world from those around us.

Looking at ourselves through the eyes of others can help us learn about traits that are not working for us in our own evolution.

Interacting with other human beings can also enhance self awareness of the things that help us become better humans, or fulfill our potential as members of our social tribe.

This is not always an easy growth process.

Sometimes we find very irritating people to teach us how irritating we can be.

When I discover something I don’t like about a particular person— whether it’s a new acquaintance or an old friend, I stop and wonder if it’s an opportunity to reflect on the same characteristic within myself.

It’s true that the things we don’t like about other people may be the very things we are blind to about ourselves.

But sometimes I see something in another person that, no matter how deep I search, I just cannot find relatability or a common thread within me that needs to be evaluated for improvement.

Sometimes I simply don’t like ‘em.

Yeah, some folks just have traits that I can not learn a damn thing from, except, maybe, that I am less tolerant that I thought I was.

I definitely believe we seek to surround ourselves with the kinds of people that we want to become.

We reflect on what we like about them, assimilate it, and  try to integrate it into our own behavior or perspective.

I’m just recently recognizing that I also seek out and associate with folks (consciously or otherwise) who drive me nuts.

So, what am I supposed to learn from this?

How does this enhance my own evolution?

Maybe my reflector shield has a deflector on the other side, and I am just now learning how to flip it over like an emotional Ninja.

~ by leakelley on December 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Human Reflectors and Deflectors”

  1. I hope we all can become the best of those we hang with, and reflect the best of ourselves for others to assimilate… Happy New Year!

  2. Lea, I can’t imagine a person that you don’t like. Just can’t.

    Hope you have a great New Year.

  3. I need a reflector right now. You were always very good at that.

    This part made me smile though…for several reasons.
    “I’m just recently recognizing that I also seek out and associate with folks (consciously or otherwise) that drive me nuts.”

  4. I think the folks who drive me nuts also force me to evaluate my own views and beliefs. In most cases the association has strengthened my convictions because I have to examine them. Other times, I’ve learned new ways of doing or thinking.

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