Thank You for YemIrAfSomPak and the Bully Club

There’s a club in my neighborhood.

It’s run by self serving bullies who want to take the valuable stuff out of every body else’s house and put it in their own club house.

They own all the law enforcement agencies in town.

They make all the rules for the whole neighborhood.

And if any home owner disagrees with them, they vandalize the homeowner’s house and tell the rest of the neighborhood that somebody else did it.

But we know it’s them.

We just can’t do anything about it.

This club is really powerful because they know all our weaknesses.

They know how to make us afraid of each other so we can’t stick together and kick them out of the neighborhood.

This club has secret code words so we can never quite figure out what they are up to.

It costs a lot of money to be part of their club and most of the folks in my neighborhood can’t even approach them to be a part of the club.

I don’t know what we should do about this bully club.

They don’t really seem to care about the people in the neighborhood, they only want to own all the belongings in the houses.

I think if we could get the members of this club to understand how nice the neighborhood would be if we all cooperated, they might learn that the people are more precious than the stuff they own.

But then what would happen to that clubhouse the bullies built?

Oh, I know!

Maybe we could all bring a dish to pass and have a social party at the clubhouse that included everyone.

Wow, the neighborhood would be so much more peaceful and we could get to know each other in a way that we never have before.


~ by leakelley on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for YemIrAfSomPak and the Bully Club”

  1. non-lethal weapons for everyone not part of the club, start tazing the assholes on sight and up the force if needed I say, run the dicks out…

    Specialist Lowe, US Army IT tech

  2. nice, but i think the group are bankers

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