Thank You for Daydreams, The Final Frontier

Space is not the final frontier (as it says in the opening of Star Trek) but Dreams may be.

Sleeping Dreams are always interesting —especially if one is an existential sort of Jungian interpreter of such things.

But I think Waking Dreams tell us more about the final frontier that is our lives in the corporeal.

By Waking Dreams, I am speaking of those things we daydream about while we are driving our car, standing in line, sitting in the bathtub, or wishing for when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake.

We all have these waking dreams and sometimes they are just a Litmus Test for the things we are not quite certain we want to incorporate into our lives yet.

Sometimes we take the waking dream test a step further and share it with others. We speak our wishes and our daydreams aloud to friends or strangers on a bus.

We say such things as… “If I won the lottery I would…” or “You know what would be great?..” or “I wish I could…” or “when I get the time I’m gonna…” or “If I had a… I would…” or “ If that person loved me I could…”

I think maybe there is a reason we keep some of these waking dreams from manifesting into tangible situations.

I think if all our wishes and daydreams came true we might not be quite as happy as we were when we just daydreamed about them.

Nonetheless, we continue this activity, exploring the frontier of what may or may not be our true life desires.

When we don’t know quite what we want, we daydream about it in a nice safe way to test it out.

If we manifest one of our daydreams into reality, we can be ecstatic or we can say “OOPS! I didn’t think it would be like this!”

So when you are daydreaming try to include as many details and angles as possible—just in case.

Some wise guy in history once said: If you would like to know what you truly desire, look at what you have.

I am thankful for all my dreams that came true and I am thankful for the ones that did not.

But I will continue making wishes and day dreaming.

I have faith that the seeds of my wishes will take root when I really want them to.

photo by me


~ by leakelley on December 16, 2009.

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