Thank You For Crazy Normal Genius People

Take a handful of exceptionally creative people, several geniuses, prodigies, and artists.

Put them all together, and you got  a room chock full o’ nuts who, at one time, were considered to be a titch off the social norm scale.

You have an interesting party where the conversation evolves around the many reasons that creative, sensitive people struggle with reality and a normal lifestyle, right?

But that party is getting pretty crowded these days.

Everybody is an exception to the norm these days.

Everybody has some crazy specialness that separates them from normal people.

There are a lot of folks who claim they don’t want to be normal as if normal is some blasé term for dullards or something.

But normal is actually becoming an obsolete concept as the social curve from which it is defined has taken some real dips and turns.

Normal has become special in a world gone mad.

If you can maintain a steady lifestyle, raise a healthy family, and have a relationship that lasts longer than five years nowadays, you are an exception to what is evolving into the norm.

And you are probably finding it difficult to locate peers of your own social standards.

If you have found a way to adapt to the excellerated changes of our society without antidepressants, 12 step programs, underground cult participation, psychotherapy, insomnia medication, or neurosis of the living, you must be some kind of normal genius.

Or maybe you’re just maladaptive.

Moody artists,  autistic mathematicians, narcissistic composers, and  some crazy geniuses have contributed much to our culture with romantic notions about struggling artists, insane inventors, and abnormal creative genius during times when the majority of people were establishing normal as a norm.

When inspired people are willing to explore new concepts and go to places that normal people don’t, they are often considered insane.

So, now that we have created a norm of being abnormal and everyone is trying to be a creative genius or an exception to the previous norm, we must look to those rare, exotic folks who are just living their lives without much ado, and revere them as the normal geniuses of our time.

We are in awe when someone celebrates a fiftieth wedding anniversary.

We admire those who have no anxiety to be quelled with medications, no dramatic behavior due to some philosophical conflict with society,  no need to change the world with a mono focused obsession to invent or create.

We respect a stable person who has lived in the same house their whole lives and raised a family of healthy children who never get arrested for drugs or join a gang.

I predict that there will soon be an award winning talk show that seeks these normal people out and interviews them while the rest of the world watches in amazement and becomes inspired by their eccentric genius.


~ by leakelley on December 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You For Crazy Normal Genius People”

  1. I am frequently labeled ‘normal’…aack! No way, there is no normal, is there? But, I understand…perhaps stable is a better term. Normal implies that there is a norm at all. Or a certain lack of individuality that I cannot fully embrace. Stable..I can own that one.

  2. The endings of your posts are always exceptional.

    I don’t know a normal person. Not one.

  3. No doubt, though I think people overestimate their individuality. By example, I’m a snowflake, just like everybody else.

    I’m just thankful to be drawing again!

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