Thank You For the Needy, the Needed, and the Greater Good.

Last night a friend came by to announce to a few Pie Night stragglers that he had received a financial windfall.

This friend is a very kind person. He shares his time, his food, his belongings, and his loyal friendship with all of us, as well as those of lesser fortune.

He offered up his windfall check to serve mutual friends with a question;

“All of us are having a hard time right now, What could I do with this money that would help us all the most?”

There were some spontaneous verbal responses;

“Loan me money, I’m a good investment.”

“Invest in a building where we can all be productive.”

“Buy ….etc. etc.”

After some sincere pondering, we came to an agreement that actually served everyone among us.

My friend should keep the money, use it for things he needed for his own stability and creativity, and to help him do what brought him joy.

We figure when he is safe, sound, and happy, that the rest of us benefit more than we would if his windfall was divided and diluted into temporary relief for many of our individual circumstances.

Misery does not love company.

It actually wants hope, inspiration, and an example of the alternative.

Also, somehow, when those we care about are happy, we tend to feel like things are getting better, and then they do.


~ by leakelley on December 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You For the Needy, the Needed, and the Greater Good.”

  1. I knew when I started to read this what the outcome would be. Even after all this time, I know you pretty well dear Lea.

    That said, the content of this is helping me in an unexpected way. No windfalls involved, just struggling with the issues of “how much do I jeopardize” stretching my limited but steady “stability” to help those I love? I think I have reached my limit, and, trying to figure out how to balance my own needs with those of others is keeping me up nights.

    Reading this was one more check mark on the side of, “if you risk your own hard-won security much more, how can you help anyone?” side. It seems everyone is hurting…and that hurt is like a pebble thrown on a lake–constant ripples.

  2. Mothers of grown, struggling children everywhere face this question every day. Will we turn into their burden if we relinquish too much now? It’s a balancing act.

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