Thank You for Sound Surroundings

I have a difficult time being of sound mind when my my mind is being blasted by external sounds.

I was once one of those girls, with flowers on her head, dancing directly in front of the amplifiers at Grateful Dead concerts.

But these days, my flowers are a bit more sensitive.

They wilt at high volumes, and turn into thorns that poke the thoughts right out of my head.

I don’t have that kind of auditory fortitude anymore.

I cannot concentrate clearly when my surroundings are operating at high decibels or multi levels of superfluous noise.

Uh oh, I am turning into that woman that shouts “Turn that thing down!”

I used to think that woman was a grumpy old lady who just didn’t get how much fun it was to blast your mind out in a car.

I used to think that grumpy old lady needed to smoke a doob and mellow out so the music could free her soul.

I used to think she was lacking in enthusiasm, or stuck in some Lawrence Welk nightmare that prevented her from expanding her repertoire.

Now I think…

I am her.

(replace Lawrence Welk with Hits from the Seventies playing softly in the background)

I don’t know how this happened.

It’s a bit dis concert ing.

But I do know this:

If you want me to act like a person of sound mind, if you don’t want to see some middle aged woman breaking into your trunk to pull your hip bass speaker out by the wires with her bare hands, if you don’t like the idea of a person who has all the thoughts poked out of her head running around to neighboring night clubs in flannel pajamas with electrical wire snippers, if you want to remain secure in the thought that a grumpy old lady is just a harmless nuisance with wilted flowers on her head…


You better turn that thing down!

There now.

How about we have a nice quiet talk and share a sip of Geritol.


~ by leakelley on December 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Sound Surroundings”

  1. I SO WISH I had never listened to loud music blasting through headphones or danced in front of amps.

    Had I known it would mean years of constant ringing in my ears I swear, I would have turned the damn volume down, and danced somewhere else.

  2. the age of water comes to ease the need for loud. lets water balloon cars it will quiet them.. lol
    i did that once as a kid,, i guess search for one of my first highs, three hours of pink floydy full volume on head set,, nice,,, rinnnnnnggggginnnng.

  3. oh, but the Grateful Dead…that’s music, that’s dancing, and being free. I find it hard to believe that anyone who could be that free could be that lady. Maybe it’s not so much the volume, as it is the quality of the sound.(Though my friend the audiologist would argue that point, I’m sure)

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