Thank You for My Other Body

I just discovered my other body about twenty minutes ago.

She looks just like me.

There she was, sitting at my desk, taking up the same space as this body, while I was busy making phone calls, shuffling through papers, mumbling to myself, and acting like some kind of chaos driven woman in the midst of hubbub with a headache.

My other body was quietly sitting there (here), doing nothin’, acting as though she didn’t have a care in the world, and life was some kind of Utopian meditation or something.

“Wow” I said to her, “Get up and do something, will ya?”

She just smiled, put her hands (which look just like my hands) in her lap, and looked out the window.

I noticed she was taking deep breaths and her face had that dreamy calm to it that I used to get when I didn’t feel overwhelmed or was having a quiet moment of relaxation.

My other body started humming some song from the seventy’s and kept looking out the window.

The phone rang.

She didn’t answer it.

The cat came up and crawled into her lap (which looked just like my lap) and started purring.

Then my other body spoke to me in some kind of psychic language.

She said “ Look, if you’re gonna get all this stuff done without making us both crazy, I’m gonna have to take a break and think about things for minute. So you just wait right there until I’m ready to get back to work.”

What could I do?

I was powerless.

She had my cat.

I think my headache is going away now.

Image: Conjoined twin sisters from the  Nuremberg Chronicle (1493).


~ by leakelley on December 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank You for My Other Body”

  1. Your other body is my “almost all of the time” body lately. I need to borrow that first body that actually gets things done. Just for a little while.

  2. Good woman for listening. Smarter woman who grabbing the cat for leverage.

  3. I meant for not who. Good grief. I wonder if my other body is a better editor.

  4. the duality of being is the hardest lesson to learn or to teach but one we practice every day, as the duality sets one to work, while the other wants a more natural day. we have to see the duality in order to grow as humans, For the one feels more than the other. We live to feel. the cat associated better with the feeling body. The second body is a learned response to the anti-natural civilization in which we live. When we have a society devoted to feelings, i think we will have world peace just through realized empathy of a future for all. Think of the soldiers (without psychotic condition) that feel killing is wrong but yet we deny that in name of country. Like not providing Education,health care, corporate controls are all wrong to the feeling person. but yet they are and further create barriers between what we feel and what we must live. Sanity knows duality as a crisis in the pursuit of enlightenment, but we just call it civilization and socialization.

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