Thank You for National Fear Monger Freedom Day

Fear can scream at you, it can paralyze you, it can take possession of you, or it can whisper to you with an intuitive little nudge that is designed to make you walk away from a dangerous situation at an expedient pace.

This was probably useful to humans when we could allegedly be devoured by carnivorous dinosaurs.

I have been in a few precarious situations in my life wherein fear has kept me from harm.

I have been in some situations where I did not adhere to the intuitive nudges of fear and found myself having to repair damage to my person.

I have also been in situations where fear had no purpose in keeping me safe, it just lingered around like a nuisance, telling me to run when there was nothing to run from—fear gone bad, out of context, stuck on replay from some other time when I was supposed to run from dinosaurs and did not listen.

Sometimes this “out of context” fear sneaks up on me in layers, like an onion with an invisible core.

It requests that I examine the source of it’s appearance and unfolding.

It whispers “Remember when this happened?” or “Don’t trust that because…”.

This “stuck on replay” fear says “You will fail.” or “This person will hurt you if you love them.”

This kind of fear can keep me looking backwards at dead dinosaurs and prevent me from moving forward.

Fear in itself is not a bad thing—like I said, it does have it’s place and it can keep us alive.

I am thankful for that aspect of fear.

But fear that is self generated from associations, distorted memories, or lack of information can harm us more than that from which fear was designed to protect us.

The fear that is generated by authorities or others who wish to control us on some level, is the worst kind of fear.

This can destroy whole cultures with invisible dinosaurs.

It is insidious and we must walk away from it at an expedient pace.

This paralyzing, authority generated, fear will keep us looking backwards at dead dinosaurs while we purchase every kind of insurance established to keep us protected, buy into every kind of war that defends us, and perpetuating social isolation to keep us from looking into the face of nonexistent carnivorous dinosaurs, lest the system fail.

The only thing to fear is fear mongers.

What would happen if we had one day set aside to be free from fear mongering?

We could spend the entire day eating dinosaur burgers while we emphatically agreed to only fear things we could actually see.

You know, like sharks swimming next to us or physical threats to our existence, like fires or hurricanes.

We could close the gun shops for this holiday.

We could turn off our televisions, stop the newspaper presses, put the armies to bed, dismantle the entire system that perpetuates bullying, xenophobia, consumer panic, and mind manipulating marketing tactics.

You know, for just ONE day.

How about Tuesday?

That which you fear the most could meet you half way. – Pearl Jam

~ by leakelley on November 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for National Fear Monger Freedom Day”

  1. Tuesday works for me. 🙂

    I wish, so much, that the world would pick up this idea and run with it. One day without fear, without fear mongering, would be amazing.

  2. Dr. Andrew Weil says, stay away from TV, newspapers, all those places where the fear is just thrown at you, creating stress and anxiety in your life. Now when I watch the news, I am amazed, even Good Morning America, by how much it is about the types of fish that will poison you if you eat them, the brain tumors you’re going to get from using phones, the skin cancer you’re going to get from being outside, the Vitamin D you’re not getting from not being outside, and on and on and on. I’m all for at least one day, Tuesday works, for giving up the fear. A fear holiday.

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