Thank You for Police Enforced Healthcare and Medical Marijuana

Two disabled senior gentleman had a very tough week.

They were roommates in a lovely apartment complex.

Both are in wheelchairs—one is a double amputee, the other is paralyzed from the waist down with muscular dystrophy.

Both men have legal prescriptions for medical marijuana.

Marijuana helps with severe pain for the double amputee who is also diabetic with serious health complications.

It helps the other man cope with medical conditions which other pharmaceuticals cannot safely address.

These men had individual prescriptions for medical marihuana and grew it in their apartment with special lights, with the acknowledgment of local law enforcement.

Last week, while these two men were in the hospital, one visiting the other who was admitted for serious medical complications, the police raided their apartment.

Law enforcement confiscated their medicinal indoor garden along with their expensive equipment that can not be replaced by minimal disability incomes.

The police raid inspired the landlord to evict the men immediately from their home.

They have put in a request to the police department to retrieve their confiscated belongings on legal grounds, but since they are already evicted and presently homeless, there will be no place to take it, if it is returned to them.

Neither of these men are being charged with any crime, but they are being punished in a terrible way.

Their medical conditions prohibit them from independent activities that we take for granted during a crisis of displacement.

A handful of friends helped to organize what was left of their personal effects and clean up the mess left behind in the police raid.

One gentleman must now move in with a relative who does not have wheelchair friendly access.

The other is in a motel which he can not afford.

It will take time, a lot of paperwork, and arduous visits to the police department in a wheelchair to clarify how and why this happened.

In the meantime, ambulatory paper shufflers and landlords have not given these men a leg to stand on with complicated laws in regard to medical marijuana.



~ by leakelley on November 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Police Enforced Healthcare and Medical Marijuana”

  1. This is dreadful. And inhumane.

    I wish they would just legalize marijuana and be done with all this ridiculousness.

  2. I am appalled at this!! Those poor, poor men! I just don’t know how this kind of crap can go on here in the “great” land of the “free”!!!

  3. I wonder if the ACLU could help.

  4. This breaks my heart.

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