Thank You for All the Holes in My Head

Okay, the average person has seven holes in their head.

I have an extra one and it is a magic hole that makes things disappear.

This extra hole is not like the mouth hole, which also makes things disappear, but more like the black hole in outer space.

You could barely detect it—even if you parted my hair in a hundred different places.

Yeah, it’s invisible to the naked eye hole.

So, this extra hole is causing me a lot more trouble at the half century mark of my life.

It has a magnetic capacity to pull all information from my environment into the center of itself to be annihilated and lost forever.

I sometimes stand on the rim of this vast hole in my head and call into it like it was an echo chamber…

“Helloooo! Where did I put my keys?”

“Yoohoo! What was the name of that guy that played Manix in the seventies?”

“Heeeeey! What was I supposed to do at eleven o’clock?”

“Pssst, Was that a left turn or right turn back there?”

“ Yodel ay hee hoo! What is the name of this person in front of me whom I have known for three years?”



Not a single response, no murmur of memory, no echo of Aha comes back to my ear hole.

I think the magic hole is growing exponentially with every fact I try to remember. The more I try to remember, the bigger the hole gets.

It’s very Star Trek.

I think the magic powers of that extra hole in my head is way beyond my capacity to navigate —even at warp speed.



~ by leakelley on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for All the Holes in My Head”

  1. Holey Kelley,

    That’s simply the aging process, Lea, and I hate to say this, but it don’t get any better.

    Unless, you buy some product that provides memory recall for a low, low price of $19,95, not counting shipping and handling.
    Money back guarantee.

    What’s that?

    You forgot why you started to read this comment?

    Will it really matter 10 years from today? Did any of the holes prevent you from living a good life?

    If the answer is no, then join the club, and by the way, don’t forget to tell someone to “beam me up, Scotty!”

    Michael J

  2. Forgetting the proper names of things, person, book, author, song, movie, whatever…is the MOST annoying part of early “change” but it gets a little better later.

    Or maybe I just learned to put whatever I forgot out of my mind, at which point, it magically appears a few minutes later. It just hates to be nagged, so will only reveal itself if I pretend indifference.

    So I have learned to make lists, which I generally petulantly refuse to look at until I get home from the grocery store (or whatever) and realize that the 3 most important items, that can only be purchased at the store down the coast 30 minutes away, were forgotten.

    I am starting to be better at just reading the damn lists…but the name thing can still drive me crazy.

  3. Oh my! Welcome to the world of Menopausal Mania!! I’m a fellow maniac myself and my motto is “If it ain’t wrote down, it don’t get done!” I have so many lists that I have a list of my lists!

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