Thank You for Opening your Eyes With Your Own Mind


I have been asked to photograph Erotic Nudes for a local publication.

I did a photo shoot with some wonderful models yesterday.

They were absolutely beautiful, and amazingly cooperative.

The male did not shave his body or flex steroids into the air.

The females were rounded, sensual, and well nourished with dimples, rolls, and gorgeous authenticity.

They all radiated REAL sexy and they represented Eroticism in the truest form.

It is so difficult for real people to feel sexy these days without buying into the visual stimuli that has locked us into the narrow scope of unnatural and unrealistic expectations and fantasies.

We have been herded into pushing thresholds further and further, inundated with marketing ploys that tell us what sexy looks like, feels like, and smells like.

And we must purchase to accommodate sexy, at the risk of altering our own bodies, our sense of self, and sometimes even physical harm.

It is time for us to take our bodies back from the media, the plastic surgeons, the distorted propaganda machines, and the deterioration of authentic human sensuality.

This is not going to be easy.

We have developed associations with the visuals that have been padlocked to our minds, through our eyes, like the ring through the nose of a mythological “Bull” with hardened steel.

Our collective sexuality has been held prisoner before.

Historically, churches controlled people with shame and fear of being ostracized.

They made us pray for their agenda.

Presently, corporatism controls us with shame and fear of being ostracized.

And they make us pay for their agenda.

Sexuality is one of the most basic and primal parts of our humanness—right up there with food, water, and safety.

It is easy to manipulate people when such things are controlled.

It is easy to lock them into a perspective that may serve an unhealthy agenda.

Humans will adapt to survive—physically, socially, and emotionally.

Sometimes they will even adapt at their own detriment, once the controlling agenda wheels are rolling.

This is how money is made.

This is how religions grow.

This is how power is wielded.

This is how humans become mental storage units with padlocks on our eyes.

I believe the key to unlocking these visual padlocks dangles from the mouth of Truth about who we really are.

It is whispering to us to open our eyes with our own mind.

key8x10.cwk (WP)


~ by leakelley on October 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Opening your Eyes With Your Own Mind”

  1. Brava!

  2. Boy did you open my eyes!
    I went to the category on healing and came up with your post. Never thought much of healing the mind and spirit while focusing on the body, but I guess you’re right.
    Can one be spiritual and sexy at the same time?
    Yes, you can be spiritual. Yes you can be sexy. But does one trump the other? Is it a conditional thing? In other words, can “Agape” love, the love of each other through a Divine-type connection, continue in face of a rich, smooth, sensual smile, a kiss, a slight caress?
    Both are born from the same well of goodness, aren’t they?
    Oh well. Back to some other category to meditate on.
    Thanks for an invigorating post. Look forward to more views of your gorgeous Blog!
    Michael J

  3. Well said! I love the metaphor you use with the locks.

  4. I, too, like your metaphor. I am glad more light is being shed on “real” bodies, but have faint hope that will produce sexy if sexy means creating an attraction from the opposite sex with other than the prescribed model for beauty. Call me a skeptic, yet I’m watching with interest. I cling to hope from history, though. There was a time before Barbie when women busting from their corsets were considered sexy. They did have to use those torture garments, however.

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