Thank You for Listening, Seriously, Listening


Click on the Photo to Listen.

Advisory:  This may break your heart.


~ by leakelley on October 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Listening, Seriously, Listening”

  1. crying, broken heart
    that’s me right now feeling lost
    nothing more to say…

    Thank You for posting this. Namaste.

  2. It is so heartbreaking.

    My grandparents were trappers and I used to go with them in the marshes to collect the traps. Not a very nice thing for a child to see. Extremely brutal.

  3. So much for ‘dumb animals’. That sound conveys his loss in a most heart-wringing, poignant way.

  4. I absolutely LOVE! the pictures, these are just great. You brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

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