Thank You for Mini Convenience Stores and the Super Market of Love

Convenience stores are great.

They’re usually open at all hours, they have at least one or two of the most needed items, and they always seem to be located on your way home.

Mini markets are not convenient stores.

They’re just mini stores, not the real thing, merely a representation of the super market.

But they usually have more options than a convenience store.

Some folks treat Love like a convenience store.

They only stop in on the way home, for one or two specific items, whatever they need (attention, affection, etc.) to hold them over, a little bit at a time.

These folks usually don’t bring much cash and rarely acknowledge the cashier as a human being with feelings.

Other folks treat Love like a mini market.

They wander in, look around, compare a few options, and sometimes justify the added expense of shopping at a mini store to avoid the revealing fluorescent lighting of the real version.

They usually pay with a debit card because they aren’t actually prepared to buy much, and they over fill their arms with things they didn’t remember they needed until they saw them on the shelf.

Some people don’t realize how much Love has to offer until they actually see it on the shelf. Sometimes they ask the cashier how things are going, but they only do this as a token gesture.

Then, there are the idealistic folks who always wait to go to the super market when they need something.

They will go without something instead of stop at a convenience store.

They make a list, allow their needs to add up to a worthwhile trip, and make the trek to the super market when they have a good plan, are prepared to pay, and may even have a little extra on hand for the unexpected.

Usually they are open to looking around for things that happen to be on sale and are amenable to purchasing something conducive to trying a new recipe.

They pay a fair price for what they want, smile at various folks in the aisles,  and when they finally get to the cashier, they chat a little and say thank you as though the cashier is actually a part of the shopping experience.

But those folks who only go to the “self check out aisle” of Love are probably lonesome, don’t you think?


~ by leakelley on October 10, 2009.

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