Thank You for The Misunderstood Genius

Some folks will try very hard to be understood, to communicate in a tried and true manner that is conducive to getting a particular point across.

Others like to be cryptic or enigmatic in their messages, some are designed to convince you that you just don’t get it, therefore rendering you an imbecile while they stand in glorious superiority of comprehensive genius.

This happens in the Art world, the Literary world, or with folks who are trying to unravel a restrictive world in which they see a need for change.

This also happens in the world of the uneducated who are afraid to utilized traditional communication skills for fear they are inadequate at them.

The latter will create their own methods and stick to them for the simple reason No one can tell them they are wrong, because they invented it.

They become creative to compensate for lack of skill or common technique.

This kind of creativity can accidentally produce amazing results but it is generally very inconsistent in such serendipitous phenomenon.

One example of the former is the post modern Dada artists who generated the “anti-art” movement in response to the rational logic that propelled society into war.

They created chaos on canvases, in poetry, and in public communication venues as a protest against the morals and perceptions of postwar economics.

A lot of people did not understand the creations that came out of the Dada movement.

Some believed them to be a destructive force in the face of culture because they could not grasp the point of non-sense.

Carl Jung even said “It’s too idiotic to be schizophrenic.”

That statement was kind of cryptic, huh?

But the Dada movement had purpose among the participants, whether they were understood or not.

It had intent and it had a goal that eventually was recognized as legitimate in the eyes of society after being misunderstood initially.

Intent is a very powerful thing when trying to communicate with others.

If one has a purpose, I believe their point will eventually come through and be understood.

I also think that maybe it is easier to take a little bit of chaos and make it understood, as long as you are doing it on Purpose instead of just creating blind chaos and blaming others or deeming them idiots for misunderstanding you.

I think people generally want to understand others but I think there are people who do not want to be understood—they are the ones who cling to being misunderstood to veil their feelings of not being capable of change or lack of acceptability in the traditional.

Miss Understanding

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~ by leakelley on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for The Misunderstood Genius”

  1. when society changes enough to understand a contempory they are usually dead..

  2. as soon as art is
    intellectual, i’m lost
    i see from my heart

    WOW! I never knew you had another site besides your ‘faces of’ blog! How cool are you?! This is a great post. I’ve always sucked at and had no interest in discussing art. It either moves me or it doesn’t, and that’s all I need to know. It’s all so subjective and personal…

    Thanks and Cheers! 🙂

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