Thank You for Recess

Recess is my favorite class in the elementary school of life.

Recess is one of the most important parts of our academic progress here in “This-is-the-only-life-you-may-get-school”.

Sometimes I watch the clock when I’m supposed to be doing my work…waitin’ for recess.

Recess is the part where we learn the important stuff.

How to play well with others, how to swing, how to sit on the edge of a teeter-totter and trust someone at the other end to not let you down too hard, and how to ride the merry-go-round without falling off.

Often work can seem like recess (if you love what you do) and recess can seem like work (if you don’t play metaphoric dodge ball very well).

Sometimes playing takes more effort than working but it is essential to our healthy growth and well being.

When things get a little overwhelming I retreat to the recess of my mind.

It’s a beautiful playground and I can usually perform better in class after I return.

Thank you for recess.


~ by leakelley on October 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Recess”

  1. The shame is many schools have eliminated recess. How could they? Like you, I may have learned as many life skills there as in the classroom. In a way, I took the classroom with me on the days I used that time to write stories and poems under the shade.

  2. Like anhinga said, some schools have eliminated recess. What they’ve done is more damaging than anyone can imagine at this early date. Too many kids have lost their connection to nature, to simply being outdoors. And, it’s hurting them…and their families, their futures. What were those schools thinking??? Oh, they weren’t.

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