Thank You for Emma’s Sense of Freedom

Yesterday, I saw a small girl on the beach just before sunset.

She appeared to be alone.

She was about 3-4 years old, walking between the edge of the sand and the lapping water, wearing little pink rubber boots.

She was very focused on the water, keeping her balance, and fearing nothing.

“Emma” a woman’s voice came from some yards ahead, toward the end of the beach.

Emma didn’t even look up.

She continued her exploration of her environment, put her tiny hands into the water, and smiled in delight, like she and Nature had a secret bond between them.

The mother did not call her name again.

She stood at the end of the beach, by her car, with her eyes glued to the independent child.

The mother exuded perfect trust that she could sprint the yards down the beach and snatch Emma from the jaws of danger if necessary.

She allowed Emma to feel on her own.  She allowed Emma to experience this beach, this sunset, this moment in her childhood, this interaction with Nature, without nagging her to hurry up because the sun was going down, without instilling fear of the three or four strangers walking the beach, without radiating anxiety toward the huge ocean that could swallow a little girl if it were in the mood.

Emma was free. She was a part of the world.

She was on her own, a completely independent individual in the Universe.

But of course, there was someone watching over her, to allow her the experience.

There was someone, who loved her, and waited in the background while Emma was free.

Emma was not alone.


~ by leakelley on October 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Thank You for Emma’s Sense of Freedom”

  1. Insert camera here. lol

  2. Ah, to have that childhood innocence again, that freedom to be–just to be.

  3. Wise mama letting her child feel that freedom to follow her heart and just BE.

  4. Beautiful.

  5. Such a beautiful picture you paint in every way.

  6. Child meets Nature. Just like when we were kids, eh?

    Fear is the demon in today’s child-rearing homes of the western world. If I had feared everything that might have happened, I would have never seen my kids meet the Sun in His home. Though I would give anything to have been more fearful when Owen went missing, I know he was out there playing with Nature. He and Nature are one now.

    I see Emma at the shoreline, and I smile. Thanks, LeaKel.

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