Thank You for Children and Property and Knowing the Difference

Again, with Life in my alley.

This morning the police came, called by the manager of the apartment building next door.

Prior to their arrival I heard the yelling and the crying outside.

I looked out the window, down onto the alley, where a woman was trying to grab a baby from a man who was resisting.

She yelled “Give me my daughter!”

“Just take your stuff and get out!”

There was a big black garbage bag, full of something, in the alley next to a baby stroller and the fighting young couple.

The baby was being grabbed at by the woman and held tight by the man.

The yelling went on… Take your stuff, gimme my daughter…She’s my daughter too..!

The child, probably about 18 months old, was limp like the garbage bag except for one arm, held tight around the father’s neck.

The child did not cry and expressed no voice.

The police entered the alley.

The mother was given her daughter, the man was given his property (the garbage bag) and instructed to leave.

~ by leakelley on September 24, 2009.

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