Thank You for Not Making My Karma Cry

My pal, Karma (her real name) is one balanced woman.

When you have a name like Karma, you grow up strong, you grow up tough, and you grow up with a real sense of fairness and good impulse control or the whole cosmic system may go down.

When people call you Karma, you cannot afford even a tiny infraction of the order of things or chaos reigns over the Universe.

It’s a difficult name to live up to.

Nobody corners Karma on the street—not even a mean meter maid with the devious agenda of towing Karma’s Pathfinder to the impound yard for forgotten parking tickets in Karma’s glove compartment.

Karma can not be cornered.

Karma drives a Pathfinder.

Karma is the finder of the path and drives all to justice.

Yeah, nobody corners Karma…at least not after she’s had a root canal and a very bad day in court defending an injustice done to her mother by a landlord—one of the roles of Karma, defending the underdog (and she had to park at a 30 minute meter in front of the court house to do this one hour task of justice).

Karma is the only thing that can defy all other authorities.

Karma is the great balancer of the unequal.

Karma can right the wrongs of the world with the tilt of a scale and a shift of circumstance.

Karma will not acquiesce to any injustice, exploitation, or outrageous miscarriage of fairness.

Even in root canal aftermath pain, Karma cannot be cornered.

She will get into her Pathfinder and drive away from the mean meter maid who cannot corner Karma by saying “I am having your vehicle towed.”

Karma will calmly respond “No, you are not.”

Karma will get back into the driver’s seat and relegate the mean meter maid to the realm of unjustified monetary exploitation where stealing a 6,000.00 vehicle is not justice for three dollar parking tickets.

Nobody can corner Karma with injustice.

Well…maybe a motorcycle cop can corner Karma.

But only if he puts his hand on his gun and says “Ma’am, get out of the vehicle and hand me the keys. ”

Now, you have to know, Karma is wise and Karma is powerful, but if you put your hand on a gun, everything is gonna get wacky and Karma will become mortal and the choir of the cosmos will stop singing and fall silent.

Karma will cry.

And so it was, on a dark day in September, when somebody made Karma cry.

Now we have to deal with the ramifications that will reverberate throughout the Universe.

Now we have to pay money to the evil ones to keep our Karma free.

Now we have to find our own path to bail out Karma’s Path finder.

Once you’ve made Karma cry, you gotta know, the world is never gonna be the same.

Expect change in the Universe.

Expect the tears of Karma to pour down on City Hall and change the face of Justice.



~ by leakelley on September 18, 2009.

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