Thank You for the Resiliency of Children and Flowers

I overheard a young mother screaming at a small child this morning.

I wouldn’t repeat to an adult what she said to the child.

I heard the child wail and then whimper.

Then, I heard a giggle.

Have you ever noticed how flowers adapt to their environments?

They can grow thorns to protect themselves.

They can mutate to accommodate harsh climates.

Flowers will survive strong windstorms and bend until you think they might break. Some of them do break.

But some bounce back into a cheerful position as soon as the sun comes out.


~ by leakelley on September 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “ Thank You for the Resiliency of Children and Flowers”

  1. nice

  2. I came via Bountiful Healing, the blog of one of my favorite people in this world – digital and analog – and found another artist! I looked at your other site, too; is it gold leaf that you’re using? An alloy? I worked with leaf briefly and loved it. It’s almost meditative because it takes so much patience and you have to unwind yourself enough to have a steady hand.

  3. I neglected to mention… I really like your work also! Should’ve said that first.

  4. I love this one.

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