Thank You for Connecting the Soul Train to the Train of Thought

There are railroad tracks between the Bay and where I live—all within a three block area.

I can hear the train, right on schedule, in the afternoon and very early in the morning.

I like the train whistle as much as I like the sound of the seagulls in the morning. It’s part of the auditory landscape.

I think maybe we should refurbish all the train tracks we abandoned on this continent when we believed petroleum products were a better idea than steam.

Coal is not as integral to running a train these days, if we apply our new knowledge in steam conversion in conjunction with photovoltaic cells.

Back before oil became the soul of our capitalistic entity, steam was a good train of thought.

Interstate corridors loaded with semi trucks for the distribution of food and commodities is romantic in a country song, but that has nothing on the Train—or the train song.

Trains are the most romantic of transportation, the most efficient as far as carrying more products, and just plain noble.

I know that a lot of stupid white men killed a lot of buffalo to get the tracks built across this country.

I know a lot of minorities were exploited and even died while laying railroad ties and steel tracks through harsh territories.

I also know that is a terrible assault on the romantic notion of trains and an idealistic view of human beings.

I am hoping we have learned from those travesties and can apply the idea in a more humane and civilized manner this time.

I would love to meet loved ones at the train station.

I like the idea of replacing clouds of carbon monoxide with puffy white steam clouds.

I like the train whistle and the rhythm of clacking railroad cars a lot better than beeping horns and screaming drivers.

C’mon, everybody grab a railroad tie and a nail.

I’ll meet you in Nebraska and we can work our way to both coast lines.

If you aren’t able to help lay the tracks, at least consider a good train of thought, okay?


~ by leakelley on September 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Connecting the Soul Train to the Train of Thought”

  1. yay for the train! i often talk to that very same train, sometimes, “hello, train,” while i do the dishes. or, “goodnight train” as i fall asleep.

  2. Oh how I miss riding the train! Great memories of those days!!

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