Thank You for the Actual Version

I know you thought this was the one;

Love is patient. 

Love is kind. 

Love is not jealous. 

It does not sing its own praises…

Aw Pshaw!

Whoever wrote that was never run over by the Love chariot.

Evidently, they were not smitten by the the nerve wracking, thunder of the psychological hurricane, the demanding creature that is Love

They probably never met the life altering, angst inducing entity who visits the few while making idiots of the rest. 

The above version clearly came from the pen of an exiled plagiarist who misunderstood the original version, written in sanskrit on a wall in New Jersey;

Love is Urgent

Love is Blind

Love makes everybody else jealous. 

It sings at the top of Its ‘lil lungs until everyone around you is deaf and you can’t hear yourself think!

Somebody had to clear this up.


I saw Shakespear last night— Midsummer Nights Dream.

This is how I figured out the truth.




~ by leakelley on May 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for the Actual Version”

  1. LOL! It was the “on a wall in New Jersey” that convinced me this must be truth.

  2. Ah, the confusion between Lust and Love…such a very fine glittery line.

  3. Excellent! And what was most interesting is that you used the term “nerve wracking” and my son just used that yesterday afternoon to express his angst over the details of love and such 🙂 Thanks for clearing this up!

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