Thank You for the 7 deadly sins and the Lie to Meme


Sometimes you can learn more about a person by what they don’t tell you.

Sometimes you can learn a lot from the things they just make up.

If you are tagged with this Meme, lie to me.


Then tag  7 other folks (one for each deadly sin) and hope they can lie.


What is your biggest contribution to the world?

I am quite proud, even though it was purely by accident.  

I was at the beach, playing in the sand. 

I got a little preoccupied and carried away. 

And before I knew it, there were folks with big trucks and special airplanes, transferring my humble sand structure to Egypt!

(The nose fell off in flight.)



What do your coworkers have that you wish was yours? 

A job.


What did you eat last night?

Lentil soup, four and twenty black birds, a veggie burger, thirteen chili dogs, herb salad, and a whole pack of Oreo cookies. Got Milk?  


What really lights your fire?

Geeky hippy geniuses who know how to use computers. They spread the love by digitalizing.


What is the last thing that pissed you off?

My identity was stolen by Joni Mitchell way back before I had a social security number. She won’t take my calls and when she is confronted by the FBI she still pretends she never heard of me. She charms them with Chelsea Morning — I wrote that song! I am still very angry about this.


Name something you hoard and keep from others.

Green m&m’s and titanium batteries  


What’s the laziest thing you ever did?

I Taught my cat how to use the remote control so I didn’t have to exert myself surfing channels on the TV.

Okay, Your turn.

I know you’re clever.

Lie to Meme!




Bountiful Healing    



Half Full Half Empty

Holly Traveling

Stop and Wander


~ by leakelley on May 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Thank You for the 7 deadly sins and the Lie to Meme”

  1. Your lies are much better than anything I can come up with, but I’m trying. 🙂

  2. […] Categories: Challenges, Fiction, Fun, Humor and Play Lea Kelley tagged me with a Lie To Me meme.  To be honest (heh), I’m not good at making things up which seemed to me all the more […]

  3. Wow! I am so impressed and entertained. You give the best answers to surveys I’ve ever seen.

    You should teach the MySpace crowd how to fill those things out. 🙂

  4. OK! I have got to get on this one when I am feeling much more clever! 😉

  5. […] because it looks like fun. I don’t think my explanation of how it works could measure up to what she posted, so in her […]

  6. I enjoyed doing this meme, thanks for the tag. I love your answers for Anger and greed… those seem like pretty sensible things to hoard, really. 😉

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