Thank you for Stones, Stoners, and Stone Cold Reality

Some folks throw stones.

Others build landmarks and monuments with stones.

Some folks are destined to roll the same stone up a hill every day just to watch it roll back down again (like Sisyphus)

Others develop kidney stones and call in sick.

Some folks just get stoned and forget about it all.

No matter what you do with the stones you find, inherit, or move around in your own life, it is inevitably going to change you.

But it takes a lot of stones to try to change the world.

stone tower

Photo by me in the Black Rock Desert


~ by leakelley on May 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank you for Stones, Stoners, and Stone Cold Reality”

  1. Good conclusion and cool photo.

    I’m convinced Sysiphus is the god of housework and laundry.

  2. @Robin-How right you are, I say as I find openings between thunderstorms to vacuum the floors.

    @LeaKelley – Love the stones photo.

  3. I hate it when folks throw stones… 😦
    I have a couple stoners that I love… 😉
    And I definitely believe in monuments… and I LOVE that photo Lea!

  4. your blog soothes my eyes every time lea! 😀

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