Thank you for Information Without the Traumatic Sensation



I prefer to be enlightened instead of informed.

And though I seek both, I’m very sensitive to particular terms and I rarely read things that have obvious manipulative and intentionally traumatic words in the title or the header.


I’m a broad thinker with a narrow scope of assimilation.


Words come to me in color. 

Words burrow themselves into my psyche and build little nests to raise their contemplative children.


I must be careful which words I allow to visit, or invite into my brain because sometimes they have no respect for my attempt at a balanced sanctuary and they run amok all over the floor of my head.

Then I start forming all manner of negative opinions and defensive perspectives.


And while I am one who appreciates and thrives on learning about my environment, current events, and human interests, I must filter what I read so as not to be taken hostage to sensationalized media.


It is difficult to get enlightened when one is bombarded with heavy words.


I can get caught off guard, and some mean, nasty word like torture or rape or mutilation or terrorist comes barging through the door of my brain like a brutal cop with a search warrant. 

I am not criminally ignorant. Nor am I living with my head in the clouds.


I am fully aware of the cruelties that exist in the world. 

I am not naive to inhumanities or barbaric activities among humans who had the misfortune of being born into sociopathic environments or adjusted empathetic paucity into merciless survival skills.

I have met some of these people up close and very personal.


I realize the words that describe their activities have purpose. 

I know that in context, traumatic words are often needed to penetrate the armor of the ignorant and send an alarm to the innocent.


I am neither.


And I need some balance in my information.


I do not wish to iterate, reiterate, read, listen to, or process traumatizing words that are exploited to get my attention and suck the light out of me to be replaced with formed views so I’ll buy a newspaper or support sensationalized media.


There are plenty of ways to offer people information, entertainment, and facts without giving them “Post” traumatic stress disorder. 


This in no way negates the agonizing events and devastating circumstances that are occurring in our world. 

I am merely venting about sensationalizing things that do not fit into these categories because we have become just that desensitized.

It makes real trauma trite.


It’s so hard to concentrate on learning and listening when one is being beaten over the head. 

Especially if one’s head does not reside in the clouds.




~ by leakelley on May 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Information Without the Traumatic Sensation”

  1. I wonder if you are a Libra.

  2. Domino,
    Close, an Aquarius —but obviously struggling for balance like a Libra?

  3. Maybe it’s your moon sign.

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