Thank you for Haunting Me


I had a dream that defied words, so I found pictures to combine and manipulate into an image that is as close as I can come to sharing it with you.

The sounds in the dream were a combination of children laughing and stone silence.


Thanks to my friend, Alex, I recently met Derrick Jensen, (author of endgame) who made a profound impact on me in the sense that he radiated joy and humanness as he delivered his heartfelt message of demise in regard to civilization and it’s impact on nature.


I believe my dream to be consequent of that meeting.


We are children running into a graveyard of our own making.


And though it sounds nihilistic —which is the antithesis of the perspective I try to cultivate in myself— I must, after conquering my own fears and adjusting my want-to-believe-in-the-best-in-people attitude, acknowledge my own observations of parasitic aspects of the human being, out of balance.


Waking up from a dream is the first step to living another day.





~ by leakelley on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Thank you for Haunting Me”

  1. A truly fine textual & imaged realization of Derek Jensen’s exceedingly dark – but necessary – vision.


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